Prescription Benefit Program

Its your money, Keep It!!!!

Why do this? Here are some features that your company will realize by participating in the program.

    • 100% of rebates passed through on a quarterly basis with minimum guarantees. Rebates are currently outperforming guarantee amounts.


    • Join over 150,000 other members to receive best in the market pricing


    • Scheduled monthly calls to confirm plan is running to expectations


    • Flexibilities to customize for each client’s benefit designs


    • Contractual Performance Guarantees monitored and enforced


    • Clinical modeling and recommendations provided annually by consultants


    • Pharmacy marketplace updates provided to clients


    • Assist with on-site pharmacy integration

Proven Pharmacy Solution

Caputo Insurance Agency, Inc. can help you in the continued search for cost savings solutions. With this program clients are seeing a 12-16% annual savings.

The pharmacy benefit is a complicated and unique sector of your health care program. We consistently provide the most cost effective approach, with the most clinically appropriate drug recommendations.

Through aggressive pricing with strategic partners, strict contract negotiations, quarterly monitoring, and clinical management every plan sponsor has enjoyed significant savings with this program.

Why would we do this?

  • No change in employee benefit plans
  • No disruption to members
  • No change in formulary
  • To save around 12-16% annually on your Prescription cost
  • To receive 100% of your rebates including amounts that have consistently outperformed the minimum guarantee
  • Have qualified professionals assist you with client modeling to maximize your company's pharmacy needs

We have aligned our Agency with a National Pharmacy Benefit Manager to facilitate cost saving solutions for our Health Insurance Clients.

This Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) can offer a new cost advantage for self-funded employer groups. We would like to share with you our new pricing and rebate platforms for prescription drugs.

For more information please download our Pharmacy Benefit brochure.

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